What We Do

Since 2006, VIC has built over 140 self-funded online services and websites for Vermont, including the state's Vermont.gov website. The online services we have built include everything from DMV Express to Vital Records to BizFile. Whether you're a business looking to renew your license, a resident looking to buy a birth certificate, or a driver looking to renew your vehicle's registration, you have probably used a VIC service and found the process efficient and convenient.

2007-2015 Awards & Highlights 

  • Two Best of the Web awards (2009 & 2010) for Vermont.gov
  • Director’s Award from the Vermont State Police for Amber Alert response (2010)
  • Governor Shumlin website (2011)
  • Comprehensive eLearning service for e911 and Department of Liquor Control
  • State Scoop 50 Award: State IT Program of the Year 2015 (2015)

Online Service Examples

A good example of a strong online service is our Payport application, below. Most state agencies today rely on paper-based applications or PDFs to transmit data between citizens and government, and they often only accept cash or checks as payment for their services. But with our Payport payment processing service, agencies can securely accept payments via credit card, with a nominal cost passed on to the end user. This expedites revenue and the availability of relevant data to the agency while simultaneously providing a convenient and safe payment option for the citizen.

And that's just one example. With over 140 websites and services built for the Vermont since 2006, we have many more examples, and are providing more every week. Call us, email us, or stop by our office located at 147 State Street.


Payport Application


Vic Payport PDF document