How it Works

Any state agency looking to enhance a current web process, put an analog paper application online, or curious about bringing their business needs to the web, should contact VIC to make these priorities a reality. Once an online project has been initiated, VIC will designate a Project Manager to sit down with that agency's team to determine the needs of the agency. Together, the project manager and agency team will analyze the current process and build a requirements document to help map that process to an online service for the future. If there is a requirement for payment processing, VIC will use its PCI-secure payment engine and customize payments to the agency’s needs.  The benefit to state agencies to roll out new online services is tremendous. Not only do agencies save money, but they find that their internal processes become more streamlined and less labor-intensive. And because each agency and its constituents have unique needs, VIC works to customize each application around those needs so that the online result is a service that is convenient for all stakeholders involved. Documentation The requirements document helps the agency build a Statement of Work which will also be required for the project. Both of these documents will be finalized with the agency's team and the state’s Director of Web Services. Together we will come up with a project plan that works for all parties, establishes key milestone dates, and builds a timeframe to ensure successful project completion. If there is a self-funded fee structure requirement for the service, the details will be explained in the Statement of Work. Additionally, agencies can provide their own project manager to serve as a liaison between their internal staff and VIC, ensuring adequate control and transparency over the entire process.

What People Are Saying About Us

"It has been a great experience working with VIC for the last six years in the building of our website and online services – they have been thorough and extremely helpful always. Their services, and customer service especially, have been very beneficial to the DMV and the state. “ Michael Charter - DMV Project Specialist, VT Department of Motor Vehicles
“In 2011, the e911 Board contacted VIC to help it with building an online learning platform to conduct trainings online anytime for its 150 employees stationed at the various Public Safety Answering Points across Vermont. The system they built led to dramatic and immediate agency costs savings estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars, and ensured a better tracking system for the Board. In my view, VIC is providing a critical service to e911, and the State as a whole.” David Tucker - Executive Director, Enhanced 911 Board and former State CIO
“The customer service that VIC provides the Department of Taxes on Bizfile, VTPay, Property Transfer Tax Returns and other services is always timely and responsible, whether through its handling of chargebacks and financial reconciliation to monthly invoicing. Strong communications means happy customers, and the end users – Vermont taxpayers – benefit.” Mary McAfee - Financial Specialist, Vermont Department of Taxes
“Prior to 2009, the system the Vermont State Police had for managing Amber Alerts was challenging and vulnerable to failure. In 2008 the State Police approached VIC, explained they needed an electronic system but had no funding, and VIC accepted the project. Over the following eight months, VIC worked closely with police dispatchers in developing the service, traveled to Rockingham to train staff and test the system. When the online Amber Alerts service was launched in late 2008, the result was a strong, online communications and workflow service heralded by Public Safety leadership as a critical addition to their program.”
Lieutenant Mark Lauer, Director, Vermont Fusion Center
“The Vermont Commission on Women is one of the smallest units of state government, both in staff size and in budget.  An efficient and effective website is imperative in order to meet the needs of our customers - Vermont women and their families.   We have come to rely on the creative, prompt and friendly service we receive from VIC.” Lilly Talbert - Communications Coordinator, Commission on Women
"Working with VIC was a great experience. The content management system they built has empowered our employees to create and update content on our website whenever it is needed, and was performed at no cost to our department. I look forward to working with them again."
Tori Pesek - Change Management Director, Vermont Department of Finance and Management