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Role/What I do: Director of Development

Background: I moved to Vermont in 1999 with my 3 young children. Around then I transitioned from a graphics background to web development where I have been creating web sites and web application since, in both open-source and Windows environments. Since we moved to Vermont, we have lived in many different towns, the children have grown, and the grandkids have begun arriving.

What I like to do after work: After work, I spend time on with my wife and dogs enjoying a sunset. If they are available, we include our kids and grandkids. Beyond family, I tinker with a sci-fi novel, several screenplays, a couple of inventions, and general soul-searching.

What makes me laugh: Bill Engvall: “Here’s your sign."

Favorite outdoor activity: My absolute favorite outdoor activity is going to the beach. Not the lake variety but the coastal, sandy, sunny ones. In Vermont, we love hiking and spending time at Lake Champlain.

Favorite online service: The internet itself. Seriously, imagine your life without it.