DrupalCon New Orleans

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DrupalCon New Orleans 2016 was buzzing with excitement and energy about its recently released Drupal 8. Five years of effort from dedicated industry experts and individual develpers went into its development. The result was the most elegant and powerful version of Drupal yet with a new and improved core, Symfony-based templating engine, configuration management, and many streamlined features.

Mike Sullivan and Zachary Kent attended from VIC and had various occasions to meet with NIC developers from Colorado and Iowa to talk shop and share in some local New Orleans cuisine. Mike and Zach attended training sessions that gave invaluable information in the first steps to bring Drupal 8 to Vermont.gov and make a product that delivers a powerful, engaging user experience to the people and agencies of Vermont. Our customers will enjoy a better user experience and VIC will benefit from a better platform with decreased maintenance and an increased ROI. Stay tuned.